Valentine’s Day honors NYC Immigrants


Each year Times Square Arts features an art installation for Valentine’s Day.  This years piece honors NYC immigrants and is titled, We Were Strangers Once Too created by the Office of Creative Research.  

The sculpture consists of 33 red and pink metal poles representing data derived from a 2015 American Census Survey.  They are “inscribed and hued to represent the national origins and shifting populations of foreign-born NYC residents.  When viewed from a certain vantage point, these poles take the form of a heart.

The sculpture will be on display for a month beginning Feb. 7th at Times Square’s Father Duffy Square.

NY Times Square Valentine’s Day Love Display 2016

Every year on Valentine’s Day, the Times Square Arts council hold a contest for a “love-themed” art display.  This year the “Heart of Hearts” display will feature a ring nine mirrored hearts reaching 10 feet into the air.  Inside the ring of gold hearts, there are kaleidoscopic kissing booths reflecting the excitement of the lights and excitement of Times Square.  The display was created by Collective-LOK.  Contact us today at (646)709-2090 if you would like to get married at this exciting display.  The display will be there until March 9, 2016.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!