Is it time for a Virtual Wedding?

April 18th, 2020 / RevSamora / 0 comments

In the time of social distancing and “Shelter In” orders, couples are still moving forward with their wedding plans.  2020 was a really important year for many couples because of the mark of a new decade and everyone loves to celebrate big events during double numbers.   The latest trend has been to move bigger events … Continue reading

Should you ask a friend or family member to marry you or hire an officiant?

November 5th, 2019 / Rev. Samora / 0 comments

Weddings can be expensive and most couples today will seek creative ways to cut down on costs. Some of the most popular recent trends is to ask a friend or relative to DJ, take photos or even officiate the wedding ceremony to save those dineros.  As an experienced professional Wedding Officiant in New York for the … Continue reading

New Book Launch: 300 Do It Yourself Vows-Choose Your Own

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Have you ever had something that you HAVE to share with all your family and friends because you know it changes people’s lives?  Well, I am jumping for joy because that is exactly how I feel RIGHT NOW and I am so excited to share it with you. Recently, a dear friend and mentor said to me, “With all … Continue reading

Elopement in New York City

August 1st, 2018 / Rev. Samora / 0 comments

Are you engaged and overwhelmed with the idea of planning a big wedding?  We totally get it.  Being engaged is so exciting and when you are faced with countless questions and details about your future wedding, it can go from exciting to exhausting!!   What is your budget?  Do you want a wedding at a … Continue reading

10 Amazing Ways To Honor Mom At Your Wedding

May 21st, 2018 / Rev. Samora / 0 comments

With all the excitement of this past weekend’s Royal Wedding, we enjoy and celebrate two beautiful people whose love radiates and inspires us all.  It also brought our attention to the relationship of the new Princess and her mother Doria and of course honoring Prince Harry’s beloved mother, Princess Diana.  In celebration of our mother’s, … Continue reading

Wow! This Series Will Make a Big Difference For You!!

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These quick tips could be just what you’ve been searching for. I am blessed and grateful to be among this panel of experts who show up in such an authentic and loving way to share real tips and strategies to support you in having it all. Join us for the “Yes! You Can Have It … Continue reading

What to Do When you have Problems with Your Bridesmaids

March 2nd, 2018 / Rev. Samora / 0 comments

Every bride seeks help on how to deal with problematic bridesmaids. Some problems occur when the bridesmaids have never met each other and they can find it extremely difficult to get along. Being a bride, it can be really stressful because all of them matter to you and you cannot just let them be on … Continue reading

Spring Wedding Color Trends Have Arrived!

February 21st, 2018 / Rev. Samora / 0 comments

Are you planning to get married this Spring?  Well, we are so excited to share these new, exciting color trends that have emerged for this spring.  Whether you are looking for unique ideas for your bridal party or searching for ideas for your groom or groomsmen. We love to refer our couples to The Black … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Wedding in New York

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Are you planning a last-minute wedding or thinking about eloping in NYC?  Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is a wonderful time of year to get married in New York City. Common Ground Ceremonies offers packages that can include a photographer, flowers, or anything you can think of to make your big day complete. You … Continue reading

Love Lock Ceremony for your wedding

A Unique Love Lock Ceremony for your Wedding

January 8th, 2018 / Rev. Samora / 0 comments

We have all heard of the famous bridge in Paris, Pont des Arts where for many decades, lovers would leave a lock and toss the key into the River Seine, signifying there everlasting love.  Unfortunately, this tradition is no longer practiced there, but now you can create your own love lock ceremony in your wedding … Continue reading